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Did You Bring Your Kids to Vote?

Did You Bring Your Kids to Vote?

Grown-ups aren’t the only ones taking part in Election Day – children across the country are learning about the political process by accompanying their parents to the polls.

Many of our Family Room bloggers brought their kids with them as they cast their vote for the next president. Here they share what their little ones thought of the whole experience:


Kate: My son, Liam, knew I was so excited. He insisted on “getting dressed up,” which involved a tie and Lightning McQueen hat. It was quite a look! My husband and I talk a lot about politics quite a bit in our house and have been sure to include Liam in the conversation. We told him how important it is to understand the issues, why voting is so important, why it’s part of what makes our country so special, etc. We thought we’d told him everything. When we got to the polls and got our ballots, Liam asked, “wait, where is my ballot??” Perhaps we should have remembered to tell him he can’t actually vote for another 13 years. 😉

Emily: I took my nine-year-old daughter to vote so she could be part of this historic election. I want her to remember it forever. She, however, was bummed they ran out of stickers and lollipops.

Media Mom: My nine-year-old daughter was very excited to be a part of history. My five-year-old didn’t get the significance. “But there are no girl presidents,” he said. When told that Clinton could be the first, he said, “What? Harry Clinton is not a girl!”

Marisa: Our whole family headed out to vote this morning. Straight from the mouth of our two-and-a-half-year-old: “Mama, we should vote for people who like dinosaurs. Who likes dinosaurs best, Mom?” …“Why they only give me one sticker Mom? Did you see she had all those stickers! I want my ears, nose, and toes to say I voted, too!”….“Can we get munchkins now?”

So how about you, did you bring your kids with you to vote? 

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