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End of School Year Gift Ideas for Teachers

End of School Year Gift Ideas for Teachers

For many children, the school year is wrapping up and summer break is about to begin! While children are often more than ready to kick off their summer break, they still may experience some feelings of sadness about saying goodbye to a loving teacher who they’ve gotten to know so well over the course of the school year. One way to help your child say goodbye is to work together to brainstorm or craft an end-of-year appreciation gift. Whether the token of appreciation is store-bought or made by hand, involve your child in the gift-giving process to help them say “thank you” to their teacher.

Here are some ideas for end of the school year teacher appreciation gifts from members of the Family Room blog team.

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Ideas for Teacher Gifts at the End of the School Year

Allison: Last year, we made a ‘Summer Survival Kit’ for my daughter’s teacher. We had a beach tote bag embroidered with her name and filled it with a beach towel, a magazine, sunglasses, sunblock, chap stick and a water bottle. My daughter made a card with a nice message inside, which was my favorite part of the gift! I plan to do the same this year.

Amy: I personally like to give gift cards because I know how I feel when I go into my favorite store or coffee shop and treat myself to a free gift courtesy of a friend or family member. I always think about that person and the reason I received the gift card. It’s nice to be able to put a smile on someone’s face a week, month or longer later. I also like for the kids to give something homemade. This year, I’m going to have my 8-year-old daughter write her teacher a letter. She absolutely adores her teacher and I think her letter will be adorable and appreciated. For my 3-year-old son, we’ll probably do a simple card craft for his teachers.

Kris-Ann: Among many of the DIY teacher gifts I’ve explored in the past, making homemade ice cream sundae kits as gifts is one of my favorites.

Mary: I like to give the teachers monogrammed water bottles. There are also several ways for classroom parents to work together to celebrate teachers – here are a few teacher appreciation celebration ideas I’ve been involved in in the past.

Media Mom: Teachers in our elementary school are not allowed to accept individual gifts over $25, so one of the room parents collects money and buys larger gift certificates from the classroom. She also creates a memory book for the teacher with photos and quotes from the children throughout the school year. I will certainly have my daughter create a personal gift. She loves her amazing second grade teacher so much. I’ll try to help facilitate but let my daughter come up with her own ideas.

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