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Enjoying Your Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

Enjoying Your Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

After hitting the 37 week mark in pregnancy, you really start wondering when your baby is going to make its arrival. You’re full term. You’re in the clear. And more often than not, you’re ready to stop being pregnant and start being a parent. My husband actually asks me every morning if today is going to be “the day.” I usually say “I don’t think so”, and so far, I’ve been right. But now at 39 weeks, we are both so ready for me to be wrong. Patience is hard to come by in the last few weeks of pregnancy, but I’m trying. And in doing so, I’ve thought a lot about how I can enjoy these last few weeks, days, perhaps even hours (wishful thinking) and really take it all in. Here’s how I’m doing it.

How to Enjoy the End of Your Pregnancy

Taking advantage of time alone. It recently occurred to me that my schedule isn’t going to allow as much room for my beloved solo activities such as shopping, working out, photography and binge watching Scandal. Of course, my time is going to be filled by someone I love much more. I see no harm in taking advantage of these last few days with an unnecessary shopping trip or an extra few episodes of Scandal while I still can, though.

Sleep. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was forcing myself to wake up around 5:30 AM a few times a week to get my work out in. And then I realized that I was going to be incredibly regretful of this decision once my baby was waking me at all hours of the night and depriving me of sleep. So I resorted to catching an extra hour or so of shut eye and pushing my work out to later in the day. As we know, sleep in the third trimester isn’t easy to come by in the first place, and there’s really no good reason to cut it shorter than it already is.

Savor one-oenjoying-last-trimestern-one time with your partner. The realization that our days as a family of two are numbered has become very apparent to my husband and me lately. So, we’re taking every opportunity we can to enjoy one another’s company. We’ve been sure to go on at least one date a week, even if this means turning down plans with friends. We will obviously continue to see a lot of each other after the baby arrives, but it will no doubt be in a different capacity. Instead of chatting and bonding over dinner, we’ll be chatting and bonding over diaper changes.

Take care of household chores. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? I know it’s not the most thrilling thing I could be doing, but there are a number of things I would rather take care of now instead of after the baby arrives. Changing out light bulbs that I’ve been ignoring, for example, or cleaning out the refrigerator are much easier to take care of now than they will be in a few weeks. I’ve also prepared a week’s worth of freezer meals that we can rely on for dinner while we’re adjusting to life with our new baby. These things aren’t completely necessary, but I’m all for anything I can do now that’s going to make this transition a little easier for my husband and me.

Prepare for your return from the hospital. Chances are by this point every little detail of your baby’s nursery is in place. But we’re using this time to think about everything we’ll need for ourselves after we return from the hospital with baby. Since we know it won’t be exactly convenient to run out to the store, we’re stocking up on extras of the essentials such as snacks, laundry detergent, toilet paper and toiletries now. I’ve also been told that having a few sets of pajamas on hand in a size larger than you normally wear isn’t a bad idea either. This is also an excellent excuse to go shopping, and I think we’re all usually okay with that.

Realistically, I’d gladly give up every single one of these things and have our baby here instead. But since I don’t have much control over the timing, I figure I might as well make the best of it in any way that I can

How would you suggest a mom-to-be enjoy her last few weeks of pregnancy?



  1. Lori July 28, 2015 at 10:52 am

    What a timely post! I happen to be 37 weeks pregnant (38 on Thursday!) and really struggling with patience too. I was on this site looking for a phone number and couldn’t believe it when your post caught my eye. Exactly what I needed to hear. What a great reminder to enjoy the compliments! I get complimented all the time and have gotten used to it, but just hearing my husband say, “you are doing a great job honey” this morning for… well, waking up I guess? Is so nice! I have been savoring our one on one time too- we took a walk together last night and it was so nice. I think the other point I would throw in is to enjoy the little indulgences and spoiling! People are baking me cookies at work, my mother in law is cleaning my house and telling me to lie down, this will all end soon so I should savor it! Thanks for the blog!

    • Profile photo of

      Morgan July 28, 2015 at 11:09 am

      I definitely agree with enjoying the little indulgences, Lori! I’ve certainly made it a point to pamper myself more than usual over the past couple of weeks. Best of luck to you in these last couple of weeks! I hope you can enjoy them as much as possible! 🙂

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