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Evolution of the Easter “Basket”

Evolution of the Easter “Basket”

I totally get it now, Mom. There’s a better solution to the Easter basket than an actual “basket”. I’m sure at one point, the Easter basket was a brilliant idea, especially when it replaced the tradition of filling children’s bonnets (girls) and caps (boys) with candy and eggs. Things certainly continue to evolve, even in my house.

Growing up, my dad (I mean, the Easter Bunny) liked to hide our Easter baskets – this is partly where my love of holiday scavenger hunt traditions came from. My mother (umm, the Easter Bunny) took on the daunting task of finding the perfect non-basket container for our eggs, candy and other goodies. In lieu of Easter baskets, my sisters, brother and I received a variety of treat containers such as:

  • “Hat” box sets (several of which I still use for storing items)
  • Shower caddies (hello college)
  • Caboodles (perfect for your tween)
  • A spaghetti pot (hint hint for when your child moves into their first apartment)
  • Gardening tote bags
  • Tackle boxes (this was for my brother)


Baby Maddie with her Easter basket

For my daughter’s first Easter she received an actual basket. It made for some really cute photos, but then collected dust in the basement for the next few years before I finally gave it away. So the following year I bought a really cute chick basket. Then came the bunny basket. By the time my second was born, I recycled both the chick and the bunny baskets.

Chick Easter basket and bunny Easter basket

It was around this time when I decided to continue on with my mom’s tradition of non-basket Easter baskets. The next two years my kids received metal pails from the Easter Bunny. These were put to use immediately. They sit in the playroom to this day –  one pail holds super balls and the other is full of toy cars. They also each have a pail in the bedroom for miscellaneous items and toys. Last year they received lap desks, which they use at least once a week.

Pail Easter basket and lap desk Easter baskets

This Easter, they will each receive a small canvas storage container from Pottery Barn Kids. These containers match their bedrooms and will serve as trashcans going forward. I’m really excited to fill them up because they are a GREAT size and can fit more than just candy (since I try to go light on the candy side).

There are lots of “baskets” you can use at Easter that serve a dual purpose. Here are some ideas to help get you started if the Easter Bunny in your neighborhood is looking to make the shift away from traditional baskets, too.

Kids on Easter morning with Easter basketsAlternative Easter Basket Ideas

  • Beach bag
  • Beach pail
  • Lunch box
  • Book bag
  • Tin pail
  • Trash can
  • Lap desk
  • Croc bags
  • Lacrosse or softball bags
  • Photo box
  • Beach or bath towel
  • Dump truck toy
  • Toy Wagon
  • Watering Can
  • Canvas Tote Bag


Having an alternate container for Easter takes some thought and planning. You may avoid it all together by using the same basket year after year, but if you’re like me and like to change things up, there are lots of outside the box ideas. Will your Easter “basket” evolve this year?

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