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FaceTime While Traveling

I occasionally travel for work (a few trips a year).   While my husband travels a lot, my kids aren’t used to me being gone for more than a night or two.  A few weeks ago I traveled to Colorado for 3-days. This trip I missed 3 breakfasts, 2 dinners and 2 nights of stories – which is a lot! FaceTime to the rescue!

FaceTime has really revolutionized work travel for my family.  It gave me the chance to not only talk to my kids but also see them and give them a peek into my travel experiences.  The first night of this trip, by the time my kids were getting ready for bed, I was still plugging away at work at our Colorado offices.  FaceTime “rang” around 5:30.  The great thing about FaceTime (especially when one user is on an iPhone or iPad) is that you can walk around and experience more with the callers(s).  In my case, I had the iPhone so my kids reaped the benefits.  The first night they met Donna, a colleague I was spending most of my time with on this trip.  They were THRILLED to see the person I was working with out there.   They giggled as they said hello to her, acted a little shy but she enthusiastically chatted away with them.  I gave my kids a quick virtual “tour” of the office I was sitting in and my 2 ½ year old was exceptionally thrilled to see my laptop and the giant plant in the office (not sure why but some things you don’t question).

On the 2nd night, a similar experience.  The kids “called” me while I was still in the office and they “met” another colleague of mine, Liz. The kids were so excited to meet another co-worker that night and lucky for me, it made them feel more connected to what I was doing far away from them.  We continue to use FaceTime to check in with family near and far but as a working parent, I find it exceptionally comforting to still “see” my kids even when I’m away.  Have you experienced FaceTime when traveling?

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