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Family Recipes: 5 Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

Family Recipes: 5 Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

“There’s no way we can possibly eat all this.” Sound familiar?! If you’ve ever worried that you’ll still be seeing your child’s stale Halloween candy in your pantry well into the winter, not to worry. Simply save the sweets in an airtight container and turn them into a treat at a later date. (According to Still Tasty, the candy will keep for up to one year, depending on the type.)

Need some ideas on what to make? Try these 5 delicious desserts.


From My Baking Addiction blog: Rolo Stuffed Cookies

From Real Simple: Twizzlers Popcorn Snack Mix

From Pop Sugar: Candy Sushi

From blogger Taryn Williford: Candy Covered Frozen Banana Pops

From The Cooking Channel: Candy Bar Chocolate Brownies

Do you have any recipes that call for candy that you’d like to share?