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Family Recipes: Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Family Recipes: Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Oh, toddlers. There’s so much to love about them, even though sometimes they can drive their parents crazy! One area where it’s common for toddlers to be particularly challenging is when it comes to cuisine. Do you have a toddler with a finicky pallet? You’re not alone.

Amy P., a Bright Horizons parent and author of the blog Yummy Toddler Food, loves to share tips and advice on the topics of toddlers, nutrition and family recipes. On her blog, Amy regularly posts healthy, delicious recipe ideas that will be loved by not just your toddler, but by the whole family. Today Amy shares two of her favorite healthy snack recipes for toddlers.

Healthy Toddler Snack Ideas from Yummy Toddler Food

Soft Baked Cinnamon Chickpeas

“One of the first recipes that I deliberately cooked for L from a kid-specific cookbook when she was a young toddler was roasted chickpeas. She was going through a phase of devouring chickpeas and I wanted to change up how I was serving them to her (which was usually just plain) to try to prolong her interest in the food…” {Read more and get recipe}

Soft Baked Honey Cinnamon Chickpeas

Fresh Blueberry Yogurt Gummies

“Raise your hand if your kiddo loves fruit snacks! Mine sure does and even though we usually save the store-bought ones for road trips or holidays, I sometimes make them at home when we’re needing a little something special…” {Read more and get recipe}

Fresh Blueberry Yogurt Gummies

More Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Looking for even more healthy snacks for toddlers? Blogger, Kate, shares her picks for summertime toddler snack ideas and her go-to toddler finger food recipes.

Healthy toddler snacks for summer

Healthy todder finger food ideas recipes and tips


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