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Family Time at the Beach House: My Favorite Summer Memory

Family Time at the Beach House: My Favorite Summer Memory

It’s been a great summer. In addition to some fun trips and events, we also managed to get through nearly everything on our summer bucket list. Liam turned two and had a great birthday and a ridiculous number of birthday celebrations for a two-year-old (or really anyone for that matter).

One of the things I’ve loved most about this summer is that Liam is finally starting to be old enough to truly get to partake in some of the great stuff summer has to offer. This included enjoying time at his grandparents’ beach house, a spot that has long been a happy place for me. We particularly enjoyed taking beach walks early in the morning and just before dusk when the beach is quiet and cool and so peaceful you can’t help but feel peaceful yourself. My favorite memory this summer was sharing this time with Liam and discovering that it is a happy time and place for him, too.

Of course, we enjoyed the beach all day long, but those early morning and after dinner walks were special. He walked, ran with his cousins, threw rocks and stood letting the waves crash on his ankles for longer than he ever seems to stand still these days. It was a favorite summer moment and one I hope to repeat for many years to come.

Kids playing on the beach

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