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Does Your Family Value Humor?

Does Your Family Value Humor?

I grew up in a family where humor, wit and creativity were valued. Yes, we had other family values but it was humor that tied us together. As a child I often “got in trouble” at school for making witty comments. Not big trouble, just the kind that would cause the teacher to write a quick note on my report card.

My children were raised with humor, wit and creativity. One of my three kids (just like me) had a hard time drawing the line between when to be funny and when to be serious. He was well-liked in school by both students and teachers, but we often got notes from teachers about the need for him to control his humor. I remember a meeting with some of his high school teachers about his humor. They asked me to stop his humor. I was horrified and I told them about our family values. I told them humor had served our family well and that his humor would not stop. I’m sure they thought I was crazy, but I was sure I was right so I stuck with our family value. I can tell you now – I was right. All three of my children are successful adults…even “Mr. Can’t Draw the Line”.

Elderly man laughingA few weeks ago my Dad, age 96, fell and broke his hip. No surgery but he’s going to need more care than he’s used to and with the help of an entire new set of people. As I watched him interact with new nurses and therapists last week I was pained by his lack of physical ability and memory. But “it” was there…his quick wit and humor had the staff in stitches. They were saying things like, “You are a great guy to work with” and “Working with you is going to be fun.” They had huge smiles, warm hearts and strong hugs for Dad. These will all help Dad’s healing process.

So…I was right. Keep being funny…and please come over for family dinner at my house sometime. The humor will keep you laughing, keep you thinking and of course, it aids digestion.


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