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Fatherly Advice: Tips for Dads From Dads

Fatherly Advice: Tips for Dads From Dads

Dad kissing daughterWhat’s your top piece of advice for new dads?

Fatherhood is a life-changing experience and one that is often accompanied by many surprises and unexpected challenges. Whether they be small, like changing that first diaper, or large, like striving for a new meaning of work/life balance, navigating the world fatherhood is no easy feat.

As society evolves, so does the role of modern dads – many of whom are experiencing fatherhood in a very different way than previous generations.

Members of our Family Room blog team checked in with the special men in their lives – their own husbands – and asked these experienced dads what their top tips for new dads would be.

Below are some of the fatherly words of wisdom they had to share. Can you relate to any of these tips for new dads?

Advice from Dads: Strategies & Tips for a Dad-To-Be

Enjoy the little things that your child does at each stage of their development. As cliché as it may sounds, I don’t think I fully understood or appreciated the enormous sense of pride a father feels for the new or funny or smart little things that his son or daughter does throughout the day. I never would have imagined that Liam saying a simple “Thank You” to someone or sharing a toy that he really likes with another child would have such a profound impact on me. While I can remember people telling me this when Kate and I were expecting, it is not something I was able to fully appreciated until I experienced it myself. Brad (Kate’s husband)

Patience, patience, patience.  I knew I would need lots of it, but I never realized what that really meant. I have to keep reminding myself (as Amy says) that they are still only (blank) years old. As they continue to grow and try to become more independent, this is ever so important.Brian (Amy’s husband)

Manage your expectations. Remember, you’re probably more used to dealing with, talking to, working with and being around adults. Children are not adults, they do not know how to do things yet and they rely on us to teach them. Sounds logical, but in the heat of the moment sometimes this can be very difficult to remember! – Rob (Mary’s husband)

Master the art of one-handed diaper changing. – Todd (Heather’s husband)

Share Your Tips for New Dads and Win!

Parents: What’s the best piece of advice you’d share with a soon-to-be dad? Comment below or on the Bright Horizons Facebook page with your top tips for new dads for your chance to win a $50 Gift Card, just in time for Father’s Day! A winner will be chosen on Friday, June 13.


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