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Father’s Day Gifts You Can Buy

Father’s Day Gifts You Can Buy

According to my national survey of three moms, including myself, men don’t appear to think much of Mother’s Day.  I got to sleep in and then got a really lame gift my husband never intended for me to keep. Another friend got absolutely nothing from her husband. And my sister got a $10 Gap t-shirt from her husband on her first Mother’s Day to replace the t-shirts her newborn had been spitting up on. Nice sentiment, bad execution.

So what do they expect for Father’s Day? Surely they don’t really look forward to another tie, set of golf balls, or beer cozy. And yet box seats to a championship game, for instance, seems to exceed the precedent many of them set.  Fortunately for me, my husband sent me a link to a chainsaw case at Home Depot with a note that it would be a good Father’s Day gift (and a practical Father’s Day gift at that). It’s a good thing he told me, because seeing as he doesn’t own a chainsaw, it wouldn’t have made my radar. Unfortunately for me, Father’s Day also happens to be my husband’s birthday, so I’m not entirely off the hook yet. The kids always bring home great hand-made gifts for Dad (and Mom) from the center, so here are a few thoughts for Father’s Day gifts that I can buy and feel good about.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Buy

Try eCreamery’s Father’s Day Gift Packs. They offer flavors like World’s Coolest Dad and Dad’s Tub o’ Love and you can get packs of sorbet or gelato as well. I haven’t tried them, but my husband is a huge ice cream eater, and this is likely to make it to our freezer.

Buy seats for the whole family to a Minor League baseball game. The Paw Sox and, even better, the Lowell Spinners are right near us with tickets under $8 a seat – far more affordable than our major league Red Sox. Plus, they have carnival games for kids, a frisbee catching dog show between innings, and  Dad may still get to see some of the Sox’s hot prospects.

Get Dad a really good beach caddy. If your family is like ours, a trip to the beach generally has Mom responsible for getting the kids from the car to the sand while Dad is in charge of transporting the stuff. A really good beach caddy that has big plastic wheels and can handle the cooler, chairs, and an umbrella, as well as towels and other gear could change his life.

Smokers seem to be all the rage these days. I know a few Dads who have gone gaga over their gas, charcoal, or electric meat smoker. It’s a more expensive gift than I’m up for this year, but at least it’s a piece of equipment that will get him cooking and the whole family can enjoy the end product.

Whiskey Rocks, also called Whiskey Stones, Sipping Stones, and other similar names could be perfect for the right guy.  They chill drinks without diluting them or changing the flavor.  Some can also be heated in the microwave and used to keep a cup of coffee hot. They may be a little gimmicky, but we bought some for a friend’s birthday, and they were the hit of the party.

If you have other ideas for great Father’s Day gifts, share them here.



  1. Robert June 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    I have another item to add to your list after doing some father’s day shopping of my own! Dad’s love tech-gifts and I just purchased a father’s day bundle from that included an awesome stylus, a cleaning cloth (which is great for his nasty screen!) and an iPad stand for around 30 dollars. hope this helps!

  2. Jean Ann June 13, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    LLBean offers an Outdoors Adventure series where, for $20, you can “sample” different sports, like kayaking, skeet shooting, archery, etc. An affordable gift – send him with a friend while you watch the kids!

  3. Rachel June 13, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Thanks for the great ideas! Father’s day is right on the heels of my hubby’s bday, making it a bit of a challenge for me too.

    But I have to say, my guy always does Mothers Day right. This year it was homemade (eggless) french toast & strawberries in bed, a kindle, and a lovely day in Newburyport.

  4. News Mom June 13, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Awesome ideas Robert and Jean Ann. I think my husband just got himself some skeet shooting lessons!

  5. Solarina November 5, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Bright ideas. Will try this advice.

  6. Amelia May 20, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Another great idea is the rogue wallet! A front pocket wallet with RFID shielding, such a good gift for Dad.

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