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Father’s Day: Giving Thanks to Supportive Dads & Husbands

Father’s Day: Giving Thanks to Supportive Dads & Husbands

While watching the news the other night, I caught the end of this story based on research by Harvard Business School: Daughters of Working Moms Make More Money, Sons Better Partners. While it made me happy to hear daughters are “more likely to hold supervisory roles”, it really made me happy to hear that “sons of working mothers appear to grow up to be better partners.”

With one of the most supportive partners by my side, I can honestly say this doesn’t surprise me one bit. My husband, like many in a dual-working relationship, pulls his share and then some to help our family work. Sure, when he’s not traveling, he takes out the trash and most nights he gets the dog settled for the evening – but there’s much more that he does to keep things balanced. With both of us working, he understands it can’t all fall on me like it does with many of our friends when one parent stays home. Here’s just a few things my husband has been known to do:

  • Whenever he can, he helps get the kids on/off the bus (yes – sometimes we are all at the bus stop together as a family, especially in the morning!).
  • Compiles the school lunches (I usually make a good portion of them and set items aside the night before).
  • Gets breakfast on the table during the school week.
  • Takes the kids to their dentist, doctors, haircut, etc. – times when I can’t go or when he’s more motivated than I am.
  • Coaches sports when he can and when he’s not coaching, he’ll bring the kids to games and practices.
  • Drives the kids one way to camp (and previously child care) while I do the driving on the other end.
  • Sits down and does homework with our daughter.
  • Does the dishes after dinner (I usually do the cooking).
  • Tucks the kids in and reads stories at bedtime.

Family of four outside

And that’s just in a typical week. He also has no problem taking on all responsibility when I’m traveling for work or volunteering for something in town. I love the example this work/life partnership and balanced parenting sets for our kids. There are very few “mom” jobs and “dad” jobs in our house. Most of what needs to get accomplished in our family is both of our jobs. Who does what on any given day has more to do with who can, not who is “supposed” to. So when the article stated “sons of working mothers appear to grow up to be better partners”, I thought “I’m sure they do!”

With Father’s Day around the corner, I personally want to take a moment to thank the father/dad in our lives for all he does to support our family, especially all he does to support me so that I can hold the dual role of full-time mom and a full-time employee. I appreciate how engaged he is with our children and how they can look up to him for all that he does. Happy Father’s Day, Rob!

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