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Father’s Day Presents: Practical Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day Presents: Practical Gifts for Dad

This year, my husband made me promise to stick to his “I need” list for Father’s Day presents. So, I threw creativity out the window, logged onto his Amazon account, and raided his Safari cache to find out what that “I need” list is for Father’s Day gift ideas. If you’re looking for great gifts for dads or husbands, may this list inspire you to heap practicality upon them this Father’s Day.

Practical and great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. 25-removable compartment professional organizer. He already owns four or give of these. What’s one more?

2. A backpack wet-dry shop vacuum. I guess one of us should want a vacuum. All the power to him for wanting it as a Father’s Day gift.

3. Whiskey stones. To cool your drink without watering it down, try giving whiskey stones as a Father’s Day present. Is it possible I’m the only wife who thinks her husband (typically a diet coke kind of guy) should drink more? This one is a definite.

4. Smartcode electronic door handle. He just installed a home alarm system for our house, and I think this thing might enable us to open the front door with a key fob. I might be more excited about it than he is.

5. We passed on Harlem Globetrotters tickets when they were in town this past winter, and now they’re not scheduled to be in town anytime soon, but with a son who’s a basketball fanatic and a comedian, these will stay on the list until they are back in town.

6. Crush-proof water-resistant sports wallet. I think this is to protect his cell phone at the beach this summer. Think I can buy two?

I think my daughter is eyeing a boogie board as a Father’s Day present and my son surely thinks Daddy needs a truck or ball or lawnmower – all of the toddler-sized variety. This Father’s Day may not be romantic, but at least it should be practical on the (crush resistant) wallet.

What are some other practical gift ideas for dads or husbands this Father’s Day? Make sure to share with us!


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