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Father’s Day: What This Dad Really Wants

Father’s Day: What This Dad Really Wants

Today’s post is courtesy of Andy Schlosberg, a full-time working dad of a toddler and infant twins.

What do you really want for Father’s Day?

This will be my third Father’s Day as a dad. As of yet, I still have not mastered how to manage the holiday. Everywhere you look there are ads for beer gadgets, golfing deals, and various other cliché, gimmicky Father’s Day ideas. All of these are great for what they are, but how does a dad really want to celebrate? My wife has been asking me this exact question for days now, and I have NO idea. It’s not as simple as it sounds. We are both lucky enough that our fathers are alive and local to us, so we obviously want to celebrate Father’s Day with our dads, but we also want to find a way to spend time celebrating with our own little family unit. As dad of that unit, how do I want to spend my Sunday?

In an attempt to answer this question for myself, I wanted to see what my friends had planned. One fellow dad outlined a very relaxing day of golfing followed by a few beers. Seems great, right? But as good as this sounds, I’m not sure I can get on board with sending my kids the message that for Father’s Day, I want to spend the day away from them. This by no means implies I would not love to have a relaxing day of golf – it just means that this would not be a guilt-free Father’s Day for me (and for the record, this friend is a fantastic dad who has taught me some important tips over the years, so I by no means am judging his ideal way to celebrate). Sure, I wouldn’t mind a day of no diaper changing, no baby feeding, no screaming or crying, and watching the US Open instead of Thomas the Train, but then isn’t that really a “non-Father’s-Day” celebration? Isn’t that what my weekends were like all those years before these little buggers came into my life?

After we had Grey, I was talking to a co-worker (and yes, complaining) about how much I missed being able to just pack up and go somewhere. Eat a casual dinner saddled up at the bar. Or even work longer hours at the office whenever I needed to. He pointed out that I was trying to live life like a single guy and layer a family on top of that when what I really needed to do was jump in and embrace this new life of mine. I am not sure he intended that I follow-up Grey with a set of twins, but hey, why not?

Keeping this in mind, I think I know exactly what I want to do on Sunday – embrace life as a dad of three and spend a regular weekend day with my family…maybe minus some of the chores we should be doing. It might not be the picture of relaxation, but to me, it sounds like a good way to celebrate.

Andy Schlosberg Bright Horizons BloggerI’m a working dad of a toddler and infant twins. I’ll be sharing my adventures as I attempt to navigate the challenges of working full-time, parenting three children under age three, house-hunting, moving…and finding time to sleep.



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    Media Mom June 18, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Hope it was a good one.

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