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Our Favorite Books for Kindergartners

Our Favorite Books for Kindergartners

While reading with children is wonderful at any age, kindergartners are at a special developmental stage for enjoying this family pastime. Not only do you get to read to your child, you begin to read with them. Hearing your child sound out words on their own and show the signs of early literacy are exciting moments for parents and kids!

Does your child have a favorite book? What children’s books would you add to the list of must-reads for a kindergarten student? Our Family Room bloggers share some of their favorite books for kindergarten children.

Recommended Children’s Books for Kindergartners

Kris-Ann: My kindergartner is totally loving the Magic Tree House books. He can’t yet read them himself but we love reading them together as bedtime stories.

Mary: Any book from The Cat in the Hat Learning Library. I’ve also been enjoying reading the Berenstain Bears books with my kindergartner lately (he’s started doing the reading!).

Amy: The Magic Tree House series (great for boys and girls!) and Charlotte’s Web.

Media Mom: The Ivy and Bean series and Utterly Me, Clarice Bean are some favorites in our house.

Heather: The Rainbow Fairy books

Allison: We haven’t found a favorite yet, but would love some suggestions! After hearing about Amy’s Harry Potter adventures, I’m considering starting that series with my daughter soon.

Looking for more recommended children’s books for kindergartners? Check out these suggested books for young readers.

Editor’s Note: This post was first published in 2015, but has since been updated. 

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