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Favorite Children’s Toys That Last

Favorite Children’s Toys That Last

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…time to clean out the playroom and rid our family of unused toys and keep the favorite toys (as a way to declutter toys, but also to make room for new ones). It always amazes me that each time we do this, I tend to skip over the same toys. Some become favorite toys and just have a long life in our household. Meaning they keep making an appearance as something my son and/or daughter continually play with. Even if they ignore the toy for a couple months, it always comes back into rotation. These are my 13 favorite children’s toys I won’t be passing along to a new home, yet again.

Favorite Toys That Last

  1. Magna Tiles My kids were introduced to these at their Bright Horizons center. Even though they play with them all the time at school, it doesn’t stop them for playing with them at home too.
  2. Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Speaking of school, my kids love to play school. They will line all their stuffed animals up and run their classroom or just utilize the dry erase board, hall passes, quizzes, etc. that comes with this set. This has been in rotation for over three years!
  3. Wooden Birthday Tea Set When my daughter got this for her 2nd birthday, I thought she was a little young for it. It lived on her book shelf as a decoration until she discovered it a few months later. Little did I know she’d use it to serve me tea in bed, have a birthday party with her brother or use it as a prop with her dolls for years to come (and still counting). This toy was such a great gift, I’ve put it into my own gift-giving repertoire. This is sure to make any little girl’s list of favorite toys.
  4. B. Pop Beads The same friend who gave us the tea set also gave us these pop beads. I’m not going to lie. When I first received these it just looked like a ton of little pieces to constantly be picking up. Yet, here we are, years later and it’s still a go-to toy. Just imagine, Saturday mornings sleeping in bed while your kids are in the closet building bracelets, necklaces and yes, dumping the pop beads all over the floor.
  5. Sleeping Bag A toy? Yes, these are functional but my kids use them for pretend sleepovers, story hour and “camping” too. They get plenty of use, probably more for dramatic play than actual sleeping.
  6. Power Wheels Jeep The trick with this is to buy it early, buy one big enough to last for several years (such as this one designed until age 7) and always require a helmet. This is one toy that has been worth every penny (remember the key of buying it early). It has definitely been used and abused and continues to run the same as it did the first day it arrived.
  7. LeapFrog Tag Reading System I love this “toy”. It encourages kids to read and follow along in stories. I think it’s important to use the tag with your child but it’s also nice that they can pick up a book and use the pen on their own. What makes it last is new stories and the books can be purchased for only $9-11.
  8. Standing Easel Whether using it to play school, drawing pictures or on the rare occasion painting, the easel gets plenty of use too. One tip…keep the chalk and dry erase markers in buckets hung on the posts so little ones can’t access without a taller (older) child being around to “supervise”.
  9. Dress-up Clothes What is it about dress-up clothes? Not only do my kids use these ALL the time, but anytime a friend comes over, somehow everyone is instantaneously transformed into a new princess, superhero, construction worker or doctor. I do hand down dress-up clothes but only because the kids have outgrown them. We always replace them with something new.
  10. Doctors Cart Right up there with dress-up clothes is the doctor’s cart. This seems to come out more than any other toy.
  11. Play Food Yes, the kids have the kitchen but the kitchen itself isn’t the draw. It’s the play food and oven mitts, aprons and menus. On any given weekend, my husband and I are hit up with “what would you like for lunch?” They serve us our meals, complete with our favorite ice cream.
  12. Legos This is an obvious one in many households. The sets aren’t quite what they used to be.  But, for better or worse, my kids love Legos. They love building and playing with their sets (but yes, they get very frustrated at how easily they sometimes break). That doesn’t stop them though, they always come back for more.
  13. Kidorable Rain Coat, Boots & Umbrellas Okay, it’s not a toy but it’s definitely a go-to in our household. The Kidorable rain gear helps encourages kids to get out and enjoy the weather – rain or shine! And anything that encourages play has a bit of a toy element to it in my book.

I’m sure the “favorite toys” or, “go-to toy list” will continue to grow through the years. I’m also certain there are other “go-to” toys in your household – share some of your favorites in the comment section. Happy shopping!


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