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#SocialParenting: Our Favorite Family & Parenting Blogs

#SocialParenting: Our Favorite Family & Parenting Blogs

Do you all have favorite parenting blogs? I have my go-to list of favorite mommy bloggers, but was thinking I’d like to check out some new ones. I thought this group might have some good suggestions! – nalad333, Bright Horizons Online Community Member

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Our Favorite Parenting Blogs and Family Sites to Read

Allison: I love the Working Mother site and blog. Working Mother has just the right mix of parenting, family and career-related content. I also love exploring all of the DIY blogs on Pinterest, too!

Laura: Scary Mommy. The added humor is a very much needed twist, especially in the early days with a newborn.

Mary: I don’t have a particular blog I follow, but I read a lot of Huffington Post articles – they have great parenting content. I also read many articles I click through from Pinterest or Facebook. Pleasure reading is a luxury, but it’s a great way to spend “me time” as a busy mom!

Amy: Currently, my favorite blog is The Mid which is a parenting blog for the Gen X crowd. But I think there are lots of cool parenting tips that the new Millennial parents could get from it – if they can glaze over the 80’s and 90’s references.

Media Mom: I also LOVE Scary Mommy – it’s my favorite. Hands down. I don’t really have any time for hobbies, so something quick that reminds me we’re all flawed and fallible and to find the humor in it is a great escape.

What are your favorite parenting blogs, online communities and websites? Share with us in the comments are below or in the Bright Horizons Online Community.


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  1. Deeps August 10, 2015 at 7:32 am

    The ideas & concept you share is really very interesting and helpful.When its about Family it always important.Having a good house…having a great family always gives you support and strength.

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