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Favorite Holiday Keepsakes and Christmas Ornaments

Favorite Holiday Keepsakes and Christmas Ornaments

Holiday ornaments can be a terrific way to reminisce about holidays past and, as is the case with a baby’s first ornament, look forward to the memories you’ll make with your children in the years to come. In celebration of the holiday season, we asked our bloggers to each share their favorite holiday keepsake or an ornament they plan to add to their collection this year:

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Christmas Ornaments

Amy: “We have so many favorite ornaments – ones we got while traveling, ones the kids made, ones that were for our dogs that passed on, ones with the kids’ photos. They’re all worthy of being cherished and favorited. There is one that I always seek out, though. It’s a hand painted Mrs. Claus ornament that was painted by me or my siblings when we were young. It’s the only one I have that is from my childhood so it’s special for that reason.”

Laura: “We made hand and feet prints of our daughter with those little ornament kits. I haven’t yet painted them, and don’t know that I will ever get around to it, but I can’t wait to hang them up on our tree. We also bought a special ornament to commemorate her first Christmas.”

Aili: (New mom!) “I plan on making an ornament for the tree going in my son’s nursery using his hospital name band and hat… I think it is one of those Pinterest projects I can handle! Here is the link to one with the helpful instructions.”

Mary: “Each year I do a photo ornament of my kids. I LOVE putting these on the tree and seeing how they’ve grown.”

Lori: “I always loved these silly elves that my mother had on her tree, so I snagged them once I had my own tree. I don’t know what it is about them, their faces or the way they perch on a branch.There were originally three in the set, but one went missing — luckily, I’ve been able to replace it via ebay! When Elf on the Shelf was introduced a few years back, my daughter begged my mother to help her buy it for me as a Christmas gift because it reminded her of my favorite elves, so we now have a modern addition to the elf collection. We have also gotten into the whole Elf on the Shelf craze and one of my nephews will use his mom’s phone to voice-to-text me to ask where my elf is!”


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  1. Lori December 24, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    I remember that hand-painted Mrs. Claus ornaments, I know we had those on our tree, too!

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