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First day of school and feeling left out

Help! I’m surrounded by first day of school Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, articles, blogs…and I’m feeling left out.

The first day of school is a rite of passage and, believe me, I will be using all my media channels to share the news about Olivia entering kindergarten. As it turns out, Olivia is an older preschooler (turning 5 in October) and will be another year in her child care center.

There is a lot of good to this but it doesn’t stop me from feeling sad each year about not really having the traditional “first day of school” experience complete with new clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes and photos. This year seems especially hard because many of her friends we met when she was a baby are starting kindergarten (including her closest cousin). For us, it’s simply another work day for me and school day for her. In retrospect, I should have done a whole “back to school” hoopla day with her but it was hard to figure out what day that would actually fall on and seemed like it would just fall flat.

On the bright side, Olivia’s transition into the pre-kindergarten program at her center feels a lot different than in the past. Prior to that, she transitioned classrooms according to her birthday and abilities. The pre-k program, however, transitioned all children entering kindergarten next year during the week after Labor Day (a more traditional school schedule).

And it’s been great! I haven’t seen Olivia this excited to share about school in quite some time. And my husband and I love the additional structure and focus on curriculum and education. Here are a few photos of proud Olivia showing off her new classroom:

Back to School

Olivia signs into her class - a new activity that allows children to practice their letters

Back to School

Olivia is proud of her hand art butterfly - one of many projects in her new Pre-K classroom

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  1. Amy September 19, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Hi there — I feel the same way! My son is in Pre-K this year and was in preschool last, so I just made a BIG deal of the day after labor day, when the “camp portion” of day care ended and the “school portion” started. I took a picture of him, made gifts for the teachers, etc. FUN.

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