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Flying with a Baby: JetBlue’s Powerful Mother’s Day Ad

Flying with a Baby: JetBlue’s Powerful Mother’s Day Ad

I’m tired. Not just regular working mom tired, but tired, as in my return flight from a business trip was delayed 3 hours and I didn’t get home from the airport until 4:00 am tired. You see, last night I was whiling away the hours in the Jet Blue terminal of the Orlando airport as my 9:30 pm flight back to Boston was delayed: first by an hour, then another and another and another. And the whole time, I was surprisingly chill about the situation (well, except for the few moments of crushing disappointment when I learned I arrived at the Cold Stone Creamery a mere 3 minutes after they closed…). Because, here I was in the land of family travel, delayed for 3 hours WITHOUT my kids.

I felt nothing but heartache for the dozens of parents trying to soothe fussy babies and overtired, sleep disrupted toddlers. I even ached for the parents of school agers stretched beyond their limits and hyped up on sugar because M&Ms and Skittles were made for pacifying children at moments like these. I wanted to offer up my help to a few of these weary parents, but I didn’t, because, well, that would just be weird. And, of course, nothing comforts a stressed out child (or her parents) like a complete stranger at Gate 4 at MCO. But I was feeling lots of empathy for those moms and dads struggling to keep it all together for hour after hour while lightning kept any planes from landing or taking off from the most magical place on earth.

And when we finally boarded, I was lucky enough to have a nice empty seat between me and the guy in the window seat. And from the aisle, I had a view of everyone boarding after me. To my surprise, everyone was fairly understanding and calm under the circumstances as they boarded the plane well after 12:30 am. And then I saw him. One of the last to board. A guy, looked like a business traveler, roughly 40-something, super tall and likely to be cramped for our midnight ride to Boston, even if he was lucky enough to be in an extra-leg room seat. And just as he passed me, I heard him mutter “Oh sh*t!” and hang his head low. I turned to see that his grave misfortune was to be seated next to a couple and their baby. I’m pretty sure that those parents were muttering to themselves as well when they realized that they weren’t going to have that extra seat in their row once that guy sat down.

I felt for all of them, but as it turned out, that baby, and all the others on the flight found their sweet dreams place, because we had a nice smooth and pleasant and quiet flight all the way up the eastern seaboard. And I thought, were it not for that one grumpy guy, I could have reported that all passengers on board took our delay in stride.

Well, imagine my surprise when I happened to stumble across this Mother’s Day video from Jet Blue. The promise of discounted or free flights aside, it should be required viewing for all parents travelling with young children and anyone who might be on their flights.


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  1. Laura May 9, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Loved seeing this ad after we brought our daughter on her first flight last week!

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