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Food Revolution- Part 2

Have you guys seen this? It’s an astounding representation of the amount of sugar equal to that which comes from flavored milk during one week of school in Los Angeles (schools within the LA Unified School District).

When my eldest son began preschool in our public school system this year, I was horrified with the snack choices. Two things stood out to me; one was the choice of cereal (Cookie Crisp, or those fruity Cheerios) and the other was the fact that the kids were offered chocolate milk every day. EVERY DAY! There are not many three year olds  that would turn down chocolate milk…ever.  I wrote a note to the teachers letting them know that I would be sending my child with a snack from home and that he was only allowed to have white milk or water.

I think what Jamie Oliver is trying to do through his Food Revolution is admirable. Even though I know it’s all about the Benjamins I still get very angry when I see that there are schools that won’t do anything to change the way they are feeding our children. I’m not going to get political but I wish that someone, somewhere would see that the solution to the problem begins with prevention. I feel lucky that I am able to provide my children with healthy food–organic vegetables and grass fed beef. I also recognize that for many, many people in this country, that is not an option. I would hope that someone, somewhere would join Jamie and do something more to provide children with at least one, if not two healthy meals during school hours. Won’t you consider joining the Revolution?

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