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Food-Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Food-Themed Learning Activities for Kids

The students at Bright Horizons centers across the country have been learning a lot about teamwork, community & more through food-themed activities & projects:

Kindergarten Prep – Exploring Family Traditions Through Food

Bright Horizons at Harrison Park recently held a Curriculum Spotlight. The students of Kindergarten Prep 1 created a recipe book called, “Together We Eat: A Celebration of Family.”

Children brought in traditional family recipes or a recipe for a meal that their family enjoys preparing together. The classroom’s goal for the project was to explore and understand each other’s traditions through the celebration of food. Here are some of the students with their family’s recipes!

A Celebration of Food

Little Apron Academy Gardening Project

The students, families, and staff from Little Apron Academy worked together to replant their center’s gardens! These gardens—including the Infant Sensory Garden, the Toddler Butterfly Garden, and the Preschool Edible Schoolyard Garden—are planted each year.

Untitled design (7)

The group first started by plowing the soil. After getting their hands dirty, they planted vegetables in the Preschool Edible Schoolyard Garden. After they finished this task, they moved on to adding plant food, water, shelter, and host plants, to the Toddler Butterfly Garden. Finally, they planted vegetables and flowers in the Infant Sensory Garden.

The team did such a fantastic job that the National Wildlife Federation has certified Toddler Butterfly Garden has as a wildlife habitat, and as a butterfly habitat by the North American Butterfly Association.

As part of their gardening project, the students learned about the life cycle of plants, gained new math skills as they measured the distance between plants, and learned about working in teams. Two green thumbs up Little Apron Academy!

Both of these classrooms were recently chosen as Classroom of the Week. To see more of the outstanding learning that goes on in Bright Horizons centers each day visit our Bright Horizons Facebook page!

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