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Friday Links: 3/18/11

From Green Mom: Here’s a nice, homemade way to show your support of the relief efforts in Japan.

From News Mom: Ever wonder if you’d do the right thing in the face of an emergency involving your baby or young child? Here’s what you should do in the face of 10 of the most common kid health emergencies.

From Commuter Mom10 things never to say to a working mom. I can think of a few more to add. Any you would add?

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  1. News Mom March 27, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    Shortly after posting this, my daughter burned herself when a steaming ramekin of marinara sauce spilled on her at a restaurant. Strange as it seems, it was this article that made me the only one who reacted by first trying to get all the sauce off of her hands as opposed to comforting her or cleaning up the mess (I know it sounds strange, but that is gut reaction sometimes). I did then take her to the bathroom to run them under cold water, and took an icepack from the baby’s bottle cooler to cool her hands. I was surprised that the restaurant, which caters to families, didn’t bring ice right away (or at all). Finally, note to restaurants everywhere: Don’t bother serving anything to my young child if you have to caution us all not to touch it because it’s too hot. Do all of us a favor (yourselves included) and keep it in the kitchen for another minute or two.

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