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Gift Guide: Fun Fact Books for Children

Gift Guide: Fun Fact Books for Children

Today’s post was written by Lori Morrow, a Bright Horizons employee, mom to a grown daughter and aunt to four nephews

Every year, among the must-have toys and art supplies, I like to choose a few books as gifts for my nephews (I have four of them, ranging from ages two – six).  I’m lucky – they’ve truly enjoyed everything from humorous books to quiet books. And this year? Thanks to the latest iteration of Growing Readers  I’ll be focusing on fact books this year –- colorful, fun books that will teach them about some of their favorite subjects, like dinosaurs. Or, maybe I can entice them to learn about a new subject like birds. I’m definitely looking forward to reading one or two of the bird books to them!

I’ve highlighted some of the books below, but be sure to check out all of the suggested books at Growing Readers: Facts for Kids. And, if you have a book of facts that your family loves, please chime in!

11-27-15 Fact Books for Children_Inset

Books for Infants and  Toddlers:

Daytime Nightime, written and illustrated by William Low. Young children will love identifying the different animals found in this stunning picture book. The vivid illustrations of animals basking in the sun or reflecting in the moonlight are sure to please young readers.

Books for Preschool Children:

Mama Built a Little Nest, written by Jennifer Ward, illustrated by Steve Jenkins. This beautifully illustrated book features interesting facts about a variety of birds and their unique nests – many of which are engineering feats.

A Teacher’s Promise, written by Rachel Robertson and illustrated by Priscilla Prentice. Written from a teacher’s point of view, the book highlights all the fun and learning that will happen in a young child’s classroom.

Books for School-Age Children:

Scaly, Spotted, Feathered, Frilled: How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Really Looked Like?, written and illustrated by Catherine Thimmesh, School Age: Take a journey through the Mesozoic era to see how paleo artists bring history to life by recreating prehistoric images according to current knowledge and scientific evidence.

About Growing Readers:
Reading with your child may be one of the most meaningful and memorable ways to spend time together at home. Growing Readers emphasizes the importance of reading aloud to children and cultivating a love of great books. These parent resources and book reviews on a wide variety of children’s literacy topics help you select the best books for your child, at each age and stage. And,when you visit our Growing Reader’s Amazon Affiliate Store, a portion of each sale benefits the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

Lori Morrow_Blog_PhotoI’m Lori, mom to a grown daughter and auntie to four lovable and crazy nephews, all under the age of six. I’m also a professional photographer, avid reader, Red Sox fan, and a craft blogger in my spare time (knitting and sewing are my main addictions, but I dabble in a dozen other crafts as well). My husband and I love to travel, although I am still unable to sleep on planes so I’m anxiously awaiting teleportation technology to become reality. Beam me up, Scotty… preferably to someplace near the ocean!


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