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Gift Ideas for Mom: What I Want for Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas for Mom: What I Want for Mother’s Day

I was on and saw their gallery of “Quirky Mother’s Day Gifts,” and let me tell you here and now that if my husband were to present me with Zombie Family Car Decals, The Guide to Pirate Parenting, or a Heart Egg Molder as a Mother’s Day gift, I would not find it quirky, I would find it to be grounds for divorce.

Zombie Car Decals: Not the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day

This is not the best Mother’s Day gift idea.

I think a few other moms must have also voiced their feelings, because after 24 hours, the gallery has mysteriously disappeared from their site. I don’t need anything fancy for Mother’s Day – no diamond jewelry, not even a weekend getaway to the Bahamas. But this is what I really want for Mother’s Day. How about you? What’s on your Mother’s Day wish list?

My Mother’s Day Wishes & Gifts:

  • Two full, long, completely uninterrupted nights of sleep — in a row
  • A week of child care drop- offs and pick-ups with no tears and great listening ears from my toddler and my preschooler
  • Time to complete all work projects or a winning lottery ticket
  • Time to dye my grey hair
  • Time to cook dinner on a weeknight
  • One evening to watch what I want on TV
  • To snuggle as much as I want with my baby boy
  • A girls day out with my daughter
  • An evening with old friends, good food and a glass of wine.
  • Oh, and a size 6 body (heck, I’d take a 10 or 12 at this point)



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  1. Cap'n Billy May 2, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Ahoy matey! The best Mother’s Day gift would be a copy of Guide to Pirate Parenting along with a treasure map showing how to find a chest of jewels. Combine that with a trip to a desert isle and a bottle of rum and ye would have yerself a fine day.

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