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I love the idea of making a “real” gingerbread house…but making the gingerbread myself didn’t make it onto my to do list. So, the good news is that my daughter’s preschool class made gingerbread houses at school. The even better news is that it reminded me of a really (and I mean REALLY) easy way to make gingerbread houses.

gingerbread house

Use graham crackers instead of gingerbread. Glue the crackers to individual size milk cartons with plain white icing (store-bought or from scratch). Use the same frosting to attach your decorations…candy, pretzels, coconut, etc. Your child can spread the icing with a spoon, or snip off a small corner of a ziplock bag so that they can pipe on designs.

Easy for very young kids (and those of us who are uncoordinated adults) – no fiddling with gingerbread walls that won’t stick together.


We got a lot of snow this weekend, so we tried Cooking Mom’s gingerbread cookie recipe. What a great recipe – no eggs (so we could eat the dough) and not a whole lot of spice so it was kid-friendly. And it was really fun to make our own shapes. We didn’t plan ahead for the decorating, so we got creative with the toppings – my daughter LOVED being able to smash lollipops to sprinkle on the cookies.

Have fun!

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