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Going Off the Grid

I’m going on vacation for two weeks. I cannot wait. And something I’m looking forward to is the fact that we’ll be off the smartphone grid. Last year, we rented this same house and it was annoying. Cell phones didn’t work, which meant the internet didn’t work. We couldn’t text each other to bring another bottle of water to the beach; we couldn’t look up what time a movie started or play a game of Words With Friends. I think it bothered us because we weren’t expecting it.

This year however, I’m really excited. I’m looking at it like  a detox of sorts. I think they say it takes two weeks to really form a habit so I’m anxious to see how two weeks without being able to use our iPhones will change the way my husband and I interact with our kids…and maybe even each other. Will we be more present or will we just drive ourselves crazy? I’m actually contemplating just leaving my phone at home…but I’m not sure I can go cold turkey quite yet. We did load some games onto our iPad in case of rainy day emergencies, but I also bought a few new puzzles and books to occupy us should foul weather occur. We will all be packing our bikes and I downloaded the Couch to 5K app in the hopes that that “it takes two weeks to form a habit” will also apply to exercise. So I guess I’m not going completely off the grid…just along the sidelines.

I kind of like the thought of being forced to not have internet. I know I won’t be able to check in with work…or Facebook. I know I won’t be saying “Mommy will be right with you” because I haven’t finished pinning a recipe. I know that only good can come from this…right?

What’s the longest you’ve gone without internet or a smartphone and how did it impact you as a parent?

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