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Baby Carrots

I was stunned recently when I found out that baby carrots are not really “baby” carrots at all. They are really just regular sized carrots cut down into the convenient size everyone seems to love. Also, depending on what you read, they may contain more sugar than regular and less beta carotene than regular carrots and they may or may not be cleaned with chlorine.

I guess I never really thought about how they were grown. Did I think that there were mini-carrot plants lining the rows of vegetable gardens? The problem with knowing all this is that I just can’t bring myself to buy them now; I feel like I’m being scammed. Even though they are regular carrots, because they have to be cut down and prepped, they cost more than regular carrots. Sure they are convenient, but does it really take that much time out of my meal prep to peel and cut a few carrots? I’ve begun to see other “baby” vegetables, like baby cucumbers (basically the size of two baby carrots), in the store, but won’t buy those either, even though I’m pretty sure those are legitimately smaller cucumbers. They’d probably be hard to peel though.

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  1. Treasures By Brenda October 22, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    I received the e-mail that is going around the internet this week about baby carrots. I felt a bit foolish when I stopped and thought, “Why are all the baby carrots the same size?” I did a bit of research on the internet and composed a page at Baby Carrots ~~ When A Carrot Is Not A Carrot. It talks about a lot of the information and misinformation and gives you steps to avoid carrots with chlorine and still eat baby carrots. Of course, they are considerably more expensive so we’d be wise to prepare our own carrots!

    I’d be thrilled if you’d visit my page!


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