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Don’t Believe Everything You Read- Part 2

Part 1- Autism and Vaccines

Part 2- Breastfeeding

The second article is regarding breastfeeding. Even though it is not a popular choice in the “green community,” I must admit that I did not nurse my first child, nor do I plan to nurse my second (sorry if that is TMI). This is a personal choice that I feel is best for my family. I have the utmost respect for women that nurse, and an unspoken kinship with those that don’t. I can relate to the description the writer of this article makes of other mothers on the playground, feeling like people are judging you poorly because of the choice you’ve made as a mother. I felt it was important to highlight this article, because during my pregnancy, knowing I was not going to breastfeed, I was hungry (pun intended) for books or articles about people like me. Every magazine or parenting book drilled the message “breast is best” into my head to the point where I felt so guilty about formula feeding my child I didn’t join new mom’s groups or head out to the playground with my newborn. I congregated towards my friends that I knew would love me no matter what choice I made. This article talks about main stream media (the popular parenting magazines and books) vs. actual medical fact and provides a side to the breast feeding/formula feeding “mommy war” that I had not heard before.

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