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Green Baby

Two weeks after my son was born the news outlets were ablaze with information about harmful chemicals in the plastic that baby bottles are made out of. I wasn’t sure if this was another news scare tactic, but since it was my child, why take the risk? He was so young and we had many months of bottle feeding ahead of us. I did research and found safe baby bottles that could only be ordered online. Problem solved.

Now there is a new study about harmful chemicals found in baby bath products. You mean that my son’s bath time is potentially putting him in harm’s way? Again, who knows if the chemicals are as bad as the news wants us to believe, but why risk it? So out I go, doing research into all-natural baby care products. I guess I’ll dump that huge vat of baby wash I just bought at Costco…but won’t that just pollute the water?

As a new mom, it’s hard enough to find the products that work best for your child, but with all this information coming out about harmful chemicals in seemingly everything, it’s even worse.

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  1. Alicia August 1, 2008 at 10:08 am

    I so understand where you are coming from! You just want your kids to be safe.


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