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My family spent Sunday afternoon at IKEA. My husband wanted to enjoy some of their famous Swedish meatballs so we spent some time in their restaurant (which is really more like a cafeteria). While there, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of disposable items. We ate off of real plates, used real silverware and drank from real cups. There were no little cups for ketchup or salad dressing; you were expected to bring your items up to the food bar for condiments. There were paper napkins and disposable straws, but because of all the reusable items, we didn’t feel as guilty about using them. Throughout the store, there were recycle bins for paper next to each of the trash cans. We even picked up some great recycling bins for our house.

I think whoever created their carts should invent strollers for kids. The beauty of the IKEA cart is that not only does it go forward like a regular shopping cart, but it goes side to side. Wouldn’t it be nice to do the same at the mall or to make room for someone on the sidewalk? I think I might be on to something.

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