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Oh Christmas Tree

While I don’t really like them, I would have thought that plastic Christmas trees are the more eco-friendly choice since you don’t actually cut down a tree. Come to find out, most contain poly vinyl chloride (pvc) which when broken down can pollute our water supply, harm wildlife, and damage our health.

The most eco-friendly choice is to get a tree in a pot that can be replanted once the holidays are over. Another option is to visit this site to find an organic tree farm in your area. I was just made aware of a service that will recycle your fresh Christmas tree instead of dumping it in a landfill. By visiting Earth 911 you can find out where to recycle your tree. Turns out my town does curbside tree recycling on yard waste day. Now each time my family visits the local park, we can feel good that the mulch we’re walking on may be from our tree.

Now that I know where to go and what kind of tree to get, I’m looking forward to my family’s Christmas tree hunt. I only wish I could figure out how to keep my toddler from knocking the tree over and my dog from peeing on it once we get it home.

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  1. Anonymous December 15, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    I wouldn’t fret over the cutting down of a tree for Christmas. Because Xmas trees are farmed, new ones are planted where one is cut down. If you didn’t cut down the one you decorate, no new one would be planted in its place. Plus, tree farms are a private enterprise that ensure open space, just like pick-your-own orchards. So it’s really like farming and not deforestation, and you can’t feel bad that they cut down wheat or corn in order for you to eat it right? If no one bought the farmed xmas tree, the tree farmers would be motivated to sell the land for development. We buy a tree every year from the local boys and girls club and I feel good both about supporting the tree farmers and the organization selling them.

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