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Pretty Paper

Since the day after Halloween, I have been seeing and hearing advertisements for Christmas. While I’m definitely not ready to shop yet, the commercials do have me thinking. How am I going to wrap gifts this year?

Normally, I use jumbo-sized rolls of wrapping paper purchased at Costco several years ago. This year, since that paper has finally run out, I’m trying to think of ways to wrap that won’t cause so much waste. I know gift bags are reusable from year to year, and while I do find them to be convenient, I think they are very anti-climactic for the receiver of the gift. I thought about purchasing fabric at the “Day after Thanksgiving” sales and using that to wrap the presents, but will people really save the fabric and reuse it or will it just get tossed like paper would? I love all the Christmas trimmings but shudder at how much extra trash goes into landfills each year during the holidays. I’m stumped.

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  1. Melissa Mae November 18, 2008 at 11:40 am

    newsprint with handmade pictures by your kids? You can actually roll a lot of newsprint out in a “safe” area and let them just go to town with crayons, washable paint, and markers. That would make the wrapping paper art to keep if they choose. Is it recyclable after that though?

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