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Season’s Greenings: Are There Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards?

Season’s Greenings: Are There Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards?

All of my family lives out of state, so when it comes time for certain holidays or birthdays that we don’t travel for, we make sure to send greeting cards. Recently, as I was standing in the card section of three different stores trying to find the perfect card for all the special people in our lives, I found myself wondering if there wasn’t an eco-friendly, green alternative to greeting cards. Sure some of them are printed on recycled paper and some of them come with seed packets for the recipient to plant, but they still have to be created in a factory, which in some way is probably polluting the air, the water, and who knows what else. Not to mention the fact that most of the cards will sit on a mantle for a few days, then get tossed out in the trash. Since most of the people the cards go to are from a different, more formal generation, a simple e-card or phone call would not do. I rarely buy cards to accompany gifts anymore, but I can’t quite come up with an alternative solution for the out-of-town greeting.

Do you have any ideas? Do they make ec0-friendly greeting cards or some other earth-conscious alternatives?Ec


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  1. Anonymous November 14, 2008 at 4:53 pm


    Most craft stores sell packs of blank cards with envelopes in assorted colors. You can also find them in dollar stores or the dollar section at Target (my favorite). These are just solid color cards with nothing on them. When an occasion comes up, I give my 2 yr old daughter a few crayons and stickers and let her get creative. People always seem to appreciate the home made card and since she made it, it doesn’t get thrown out like the others.

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