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My son spent his first full week in the toddler classroom this week. For the most part he was fine…I was not. I wasn’t ready for him to transition, so the change was hard on me from the start. Would he get lost in the shuffle? Would they make sure he ate his lunch? Would they help him fall back asleep when he woke up after only napping for 45 minutes? In his infant classroom, I felt like the teachers held my hand through the whole process. They were always available to talk or answer my questions at pick up and drop off time. The daily notes were thorough and I always knew what he did that day, who he played with, how long he slept and exactly what he ate.

In the toddler classroom, things are different. I drop him off in a very busy room where the teachers are already going at full steam ahead. I pick him up, and it’s the same scene, only his onesie is unsnapped and hanging out of his pants — which are full of green paint. Not the type of ‘green’ I’m going for. I look forward to reading his daily sheet each afternoon, but now it’s not always clear if he ate afternoon snack or what time he woke up from his nap. I feel like in the infant room we had training wheels and now we are holding on to the seat of the bike, chasing him down the street on his own.

I know I will get used to it. I know I will learn who all the kids are that say “Hi” when we come in each morning. I know I can schedule time to talk to his teachers if I need to. I also know that just when I thought I had this mom thing covered, life throws in the toddler room and it’s back to square one.

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