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Halloween Traditions: You’ve Been Boo-ed!

Halloween Traditions: You’ve Been Boo-ed!

A couple days ago I received a text from a friend asking “Have you been Boo-ed yet?” I’d heard of booing and ghosting, but I had never actually been boo-ed before. That changed the other night. While eating dinner, the doorbell rang and my kids darted. One to each door. At the front door sat two buckets filled with treats for my kids. From the street, our “ghost” made spooky noises.

Halloween treats for kidsThe kids were so excited as they poured through all the fun items and toys and intensely debated who left the gifts. The fun didn’t end there as they carefully read the instructions and started brainstorming about which families they would “boo” in return. Time was of the essence as the rules stated that we needed to boo by the next night! Yikes, the pressure was on.

After selecting our boo recipients, I headed out to Target and loaded my cart up. After dinner, my kids and I began our booing adventure. Of course just before we left my husband said “be careful of the F-O-X-E-S at the Remsens’ house” (as if my daughter couldn’t spell). Needless to say, after that my kids spent the next 15 minutes asking how we would avoid the foxes. When we arrived at the Remsens’, my kids were extremely giddy and nervous at the same time. In fact Maddie said, “Mom, I’m biting my nails I’m so nervous!” When the door opened, the kids made some ghost sounds before we drove away and headed to the next house.

As we pulled up at our next stop, I saw the dad sitting about five feet from the front door – the window was open and he was talking so clearly he wasn’t alone. I also knew this family had a pretty good idea we’d be coming (I had texted the mom ahead of time to make sure they hadn’t been ghosted already and on the way to their house, my son announced he told his friend during school). But we were going through with it. The steps were covered in pumpkins and decorations and I knew it would be challenging to navigate. My daughter was brave enough to get outside of the car and positioned herself behind a tree. I rang the doorbell and then ran. As their friends came out, my son started yelling “Nate, it’s Will!” He might need some practice with this anonymous ghosting stuff!

The last friend we visited was our neighbor who has two dogs, making this one extra challenging to be stealth! As soon as we pulled into the driveway, the dogs went wild! We had to move quickly so we weaved through the yard and went to the door. After we rang the doorbell, we hid behind a bush and then ran across the yard back to the car. Another success!

My daughter especially had a blast. She said she can’t wait to do it again next year and is already plotting who to boo. This will definitely be a fun Halloween tradition for years to come.

Have you been boo-ed?


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  1. Erica Smith October 17, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Cute! This sounds like so much fun!

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