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Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas and The Holidays

Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas and The Holidays

This year we only have a few weekends to devote to all things holiday-related and I must admit, I had hoped I would be a little further along in the gift-making department. I wish I was one of those people who bought gifts or made gifts year-round but I’m beginning to accept that I am not and probably will never be. So as soon as Thanksgiving comes to a close, I start thinking about what we can make and then I start to feel stressed because I want to do too many things.

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

One simple thing we did get started on is ribbon barrettes. Because we have so many little girls to give to, my daughter decided that we should make these barrettes for Christmas presents. You can buy packages of barrettes in various sizes at the craft store and you can choose whatever combinations of ribbon that you like. You have to use a hot glue gun but once you come up with a style you like, it’s really simple – you basically form a bow with a long piece of ribbon (or several long pieces) and fasten it by taking a small piece of ribbon to form the “knot” over the barrette.

Once you make them, package them on a piece of card stock or scrapbook paper. They are great as stand alone gifts or as a matching accessory to a store bought shirt or outfit.

I am also knitting this hat for my sister and it is so simple that I may make another one for someone else. The whole list of gifts is really great and since we’re still deciding what else to make for the grown-ups in our lives (oh yes, we’ll be making gifts until Christmas Eve), I have been on the hunt for ideas.

While most every craft blog has some type of handmade gift post, if you are looking to make something this year, these sites have some good lists dedicated solely to handmade gift ideas:


Happy holidays (and gift-making)!



  1. fun4families December 8, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Great ideas in this article. There are some more really good ideas in a couple of articles here
    One is about baking Christmas cookies as gifts and the free printable gift tag is cute as can be. Also a fun ideas about turning old photos into gifts that is easy and inexpensive but so special Happy Holidays to moms everywhere!

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