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Happy Father’s Day, Dads! From, Working Moms

Happy Father’s Day, Dads! From, Working Moms

I want to be sure to give a shout out to all the dads, especially working dads married to working moms, this Father’s Day.

There is so much talk about women trying to “have it all” that we sometimes forget that dads are trying to have it all too. We’re just coming at it from different ends of the sociological balance beam. Women, who have long held ownership of family life and are trying to make their progress on the career end, while men, who have dominated the career frontier for centuries, are now trying to make their in-roads on the family end. We’re all trying to find that elusive balance in the middle.

Our generation of husbands and partners really deserves a huge amount of credit when we consider how far they’ve come along that route compared to their own fathers. It struck home for me when our neighbor visited us the other day. She’s in her mid-80s, same generation as my in-laws. My husband walked in holding the baby, and she just fawned over how good he was with the baby. I was laughing inside. All my husband was doing was holding the baby.  But later it struck me that all the feeding, diapering, clothing, middle of the night soothing, etc that my husband does is something that was never modeled for him by a man. His dad was devoted, but likely never did any of those things for any of his five children. Fatherhood is as different for men today as the workplace is for women, and when you consider how things were only 40 years ago, Dads have come a long way baby.

So, happy Father’s Day to the all the dads out there who are parenting alongside working moms – let’s keep helping each other succeed at working parenthood


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  1. Green Mom June 20, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Well said News Mom!

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