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Healthy Summer Drinks for Kids

Healthy Summer Drinks for Kids

It’s summer – the season of beaches, bike rides and precious time spent outdoors in the sunshine. I’ve come to notice it also seems to be the official season of sugary beverages. From lemonade to juice boxes, Liam – otherwise an exclusive water and milk drinker – is taking full advantage of the plethora of sugary drink options that seem to be everywhere we go. While I’m fine with an occasional juice box or glass of lemonade as a treat, I don’t love the idea of them becoming something Liam always wants when we’re having company or visiting friends. To combat the sugar but still keep the fun in summer drinks, I’ve found a few healthy summer drinks for kids that are both Liam and mom-friendly options (listed with the name Liam calls each).

Healthy Summer Beverages for Kids

“Lemonade” Water: I’ve found that just slicing up lemons and putting them in Liam’s water is enough to make his feel like his drink is something akin to lemonade. He loves it and it couldn’t be easier. Also a bonus, it’s something you can get almost anywhere (out to dinner, etc).

“Juicy” Water: Liam’s also a big fan of fruit-infused waters. We stick with fruits he loves for the most part (berries) but he’s enjoyed some ones I wasn’t so sure he’d go for too – like adding cucumber and mint to the mix.

“Pink” Water: I love iced herbal tea and I’ve found this summer that Liam does too. The great part about herbal tea is, as long as you’re careful to pick a caffeine-free blend, it’s a great drink option for kids. Liam and I both love Tazo Passion tea over ice – it’s fruity and it’s pink which is definitely a plus in Liam’s book.

Mommy’s Special Water: My favorite summer time drink (second only to a nice glass of rosé) is seltzer with lime and splash of Pom pomegranate juice. Liam is OBSESSED. I only let him have a small glass since too much seltzer can be tough on little tummies but I figure it’s a better alternative than straight fruit juice.

There you have it. What alternatives do you have to keep the sugary drinks away during summer?

Healthy Summer Drinks for Kids


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