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Healthy Toddler Snacks for Summer

Healthy Toddler Snacks for Summer

Awhile back, I wrote about some of my favorite toddler finger food snack recipes. With temperatures flirting with 100 degrees last week, I decided it was time to update with some healthy summer snack ideas that are very popular with Liam. Summer is a funny time of year for me in terms of eating healthy. On the one hand, there is an abundance of delicious fruits and veggies in season. On the other hand, as I mentioned in this post, summer is packed with social events where delicious but generally not very healthy food is served. Add to the that my weakness for a good ice cream cone on a hot summer night (a weakness Liam seems to share) and healthy summer eating isn’t quite as simple as it seems. What I’ve tried to develop is a small repertoire of snack recipes that feel like summer treats but are made with healthy ingredients. And of course, with a toddler, goal number one is finding snacks that get the thumbs up from a small and very unpredictable food critic.

Summer snacks for toddlers

Healthy Summer Snacks for Toddlers

1. Green Smoothies. I love a good smoothie during the warmer months and was thrilled to see Liam does too. I typically don’t really follow a recipe and just throw in whatever we have on hand but FamilySponge has some good ones (and good tips on getting squeamish kids to try them). Another great option is the Incredible Hulk Power Smoothie.

2. Fruit & Yogurt Popsicles. I made these red, white and blue popsicles for the Fourth of July and Liam flipped over them. They were adorable but the three steps of freezing is something I’d save for a special occasion. Now I pretty much just throw some fruit, plain greek yogurt and a little touch of agave in a blender and freeze. Easy and delicious. We eat them all the time. Here’s another recipe for making fresh fruit popsicles.

3. Frozen fruit dipped in yogurt. Pretty self explanatory but yummy. Are you sensing a pattern? We go through lots of berries and yogurt in our house, especially in the summer. Yogurt dipped strawberries are a delicious option.

4. Fresh salsa. Liam loves salsa. I usually try to limit it because for me, eating salsa usually means eating massive amounts of chips. For Liam, one chip is enough to shovel a whole bowl of salsa. It’s gross and I definitely wouldn’t recommend sharing with him but I’m okay with any veggie he’ll devour. You can also make salsa with fruit, if that’s your preference.

5. Baked sweet potato fries. We eat a lot off the grill in the summer and sweet potato fries make a great, healthy accompaniment that Liam loves too. I’m still working on getting them perfectly crunchy in the oven but their delicious either way.

6. Banana Nutella Fudgesicles. I LOVED fudgesicles growing up. Those and hoodsie cups are defining parts of my childhood summer memories. These fudgesicles which are mostly made of banana are delicious. They remind me of one ingredient ice cream –another great guilt free summer “treat.”



  1. Carrie July 23, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    I’m sure the Nutella fudgesicles are delicious, but I’m not sure they could be called healthy… one serving has only 1/6 of a banana, and almost a full serving of Nutella which is mostly fat and sugar… though TASTY, haha 😉

  2. Profile photo of Kate

    Kate July 31, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Carrie–I agree it’s not exactly “health food” but as I said in the post, this was an effort to take decidedly unhealthy summer treats and make a version that was a bit healthier.

    That being said, I think I’m actually a bigger fan of these than my son is. He prefers the fruit and yogurt pops hands down 🙂

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