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Holiday Baking: Gifts for Neighbors and Friends

Holiday Baking: Gifts for Neighbors and Friends

Since we’ve been homeowners, I’ve always made sure that a few of our neighbors are on my holiday “shopping” list. Granted, I don’t actually buy them anything, and making something for five or so neighbors does take some time, but participating in DIY holiday gifts for the neighbors is a holiday tradition that I simply won’t give up. I love the old-fashioned feel of it and there is nothing better than seeing my boys set off around their neighborhood with a wagon full of holiday baked goods and holiday cards.

In years past I’ve made peppermint bark in cute reusable jars, or a plate full of cookies. But last year, I baked breads ahead of time, put them in the freezer, took them out and wrapped them a day or so before delivery. This allowed me to get the baking out of the way before the holiday season really begins but wait and deliver gifts closer to Christmas.

Holiday Recipes: Baked Goods for Neighbors & Friends

Here are a few of my favorite bread recipes. Bake a few of these holiday goodies, wrap them in some cute tissue or Kraft paper , attach a card with the recipe (because I’m paranoid about food allergies) and you’re good to go with a lovely neighbor or teacher gift.

  • Mom’s Zucchini Bread – I leave out the nuts.
  • Banana Bread
  • Pumpkin Quick Bread– I don’t make my own pumpkin puree, nor do I add the walnuts. I haven’t tried adding toasted pumpkin seeds to the top either, but Starbucks does that on their pumpkin muffins and it’s pretty tasty.
  • Mom’s Apple Cake– We have a lot of apples leftover from fall that have been keeping quite nicely in our cool garage. I’m going to use them up with this recipe this year.

Christmas Baked Good Gifts

Do you have any other baked  good recipes to share? What do you like to give your neighbors as a holiday gift?

If you’re looking for more DIY holiday gift ideas for teachers or family mebers be sure to check out these ideas:

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