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Holiday Books for Kids

Holiday Books for Kids

Kate’s post about the Christmas book advent calendar has inspired me! I’m Jewish and didn’t grow up reading Christmas books in our home, but my husband grew up Catholic, and I love celebrating Christmas with our kids. So I’m starting all sorts of traditions along with my children, and finding good holiday books is one of my favorites. That said, there are a lot of bad Christmas books out there. So I’m leaning on the holiday versions of favorite storybooks to build our library. Two tried and true ones on our shelves are Madeline’s Christmas and Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas. My second graders loves the Rainbow Magic series, and there are nearly a dozen Christmas themed ones. I personally can’t stand that series, but she can read on her own now, so all the power to her!

Now I’ve started a list for my preschooler of books we might try this season, all based on other non-holiday books we enjoy.

Christmas Books for Children


And, I know I should be finding some good Hanukkah books out there, but let me tell you, the only thing worse than a bad Christmas book is a bad Hanukkah book, and the vast majority of Hanukkah books are downright awful. But my son has recently become enamored with Curious George, so I might just try Happy Hanukkah, Curious George.

Happy reading and happy holidays! What’s on your holiday reading list?


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