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Holiday Craft: DIY Holiday Card Photo Album

Holiday Craft: DIY Holiday Card Photo Album

I love holiday greeting cards, especially the photos cards. As the cards roll in, I put scotch tape rounds on the back and hang them on the door frames in my kitchen. My kids love to look at them and whenever people come over to visit, they also gaze over the cards and see how everyone has grown.

But what do you do with holiday cards when the season comes to a close? I hate to throw them away but don’t want the clutter of a stack of old cards either. My solution is to create an album from them and it’s become a part of my annual holiday card clean-up project.

Crafting a Holiday Card Photo Album

The first step to creating a holiday card photo album is to remove all the cards from the door frame.

The next step is to cut most of the cards down into a 4 x 6 size. In most cases this means I just cut out the words but sometimes I have to cut out a picture or two. The goal is to get each card to a size that will fit in a photo album. Each Christmas, I pull out the albums and put them on the coffee tables. The process of cutting the cards takes the longest but is worth it.

After cutting out the signature or perhaps a photo, I tape it to the back of the card.  If the signature doesn’t have the year, I add that to the back too or I may write out family names in permanent marker.  On occasion the photo I cut out gets repurposed on the front of the card to make it 4 x 6 in size.

When I’m through, any non-photo card or a photo card belonging to someone we aren’t generally close with, I recycle. The completed albums are a great way for me to preserve the memory of friends and loved ones and provide a nice addition to the coffee table when guests come to visit.  The whole process takes about 90-minutes.

What do you do with your holiday cards? Here are some more ideas for crafts you can make with recycled holiday cards.

Recycled Holiday Cards Crafts


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  1. DereksMom January 18, 2012 at 11:11 am

    I LOVE the idea for preserving holiday cards, especially photo cards. Thank you for posting this! This seems reasonable enough to do even with a baby in the house 🙂 I may even try to do with birthday cards and other special occassion cards.

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