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Holiday for Adults: Practical and Gag Gifts

Holiday for Adults: Practical and Gag Gifts

I know what will be under the Christmas tree for me tomorrow. I know because there’s a coat I have been eying for six months, and when I finally saw it on sale, I bought it, shipped it to my husband and told him he can wrap it, put it under the tree and be done with his holiday shopping. In years past, I have ordered replacements to my makeup and shipped them to my hubby to use as stocking stuffers. It’s nice, it’s practical and I know I’ll get what I want, but it also take some of the magic out of the holidays. Most of all, asking for practical gifts over the holidays is a big smack in the face that we’re getting older. The holidays are really for the kids, and the joy in their faces is what we’re after…unless of course, we win the lottery, in which case I’d take a 400 square foot addition to our house and a new kitchen. So, what are some other holiday gifts for grown-ups that are sure sign your holiday joy better come vicariously from your children?

Gift Ideas: Practical to Unusual

Check out these plush organs. A friend of mine with diabetes wants a new pancreas under her tree. I wish every pregnant woman I know a new bladder, and I’ll take a kidney, so long as it comes without stones.

My husband had this commercial-grade carpet sweeper on his Christmas list. Isn’t he romantic?

In fact, any holiday gift that has to do with cleaning is a sure sign you’re finding joy elsewhere. I bought my husband that carpet sweeper… and this electric grill brush. Aren’t we a cute couple?

You heard about that Canadian airline that asked passengers for their Christmas wish lists and then gave them those holiday gifts when they arrived at their destination, right? The guy who asked for socks and underwear – he’s a grown up.

Too achy from carrying your toddler or constantly bending over to pick up toys? Add this to your practical holiday gift wish list and avoid tying your shoes, especially the painful experience of bending over.

When you get to the stage in life that you need special glasses to apply make-up, and you want that wrapped up in a bow, it’s time to consider putting yourself somewhere higher up on your priority list.

Let’s face it. There is a place and time in life when you ask for holiday gifts that are practical, and a little part of you hopes that some adult in your life – your spouse, your parent, a sibling – will ignore those instructions and treat you to something decadent. And most often they don’t, but that’s ok because the gifts you will treasure most are the smiles on your kids faces when they see that Santa really did read their list and the pride that fills their hearts when you open the macaroni artwork, or model magic hand print, or Rainbow Loom bracelet they painstakingly crafted for you. And so even if you didn’t get that new internal organ you were hoping for, at least you can beam with pride and radiate joy this holiday season.


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