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Holiday Hacks for Working Parents

Holiday Hacks for Working Parents

Today’s guest post was written by Naoko Funayama, mom of two and producer of our Work-Life Equation podcast series:

I love, love, love the holidays. I used to love this time of year because I could sense the snow coming, which meant ski season was right around the corner. But now as an adult, winter just makes us realize how much we have to be grateful for: we’ve got an amazing family, good food on the table, heat working in the house, decorated tree in the corner, and two kids under two asking about baking cookies. It’s so simple yet so rich with warmth.

Of course, there are some areas of the holidays that require the skill of a slalom specialist, or a trial attorney. Let’s see, like…balancing time with the both sides of the family, buying enough gifts (but not too many), buying the right gifts (but not spending too much time going down the research rabbit hole), cooking special holiday treats, getting to the many holiday school events…all while fitting in work.

On our most recent episode of our Work-Life Equation podcast series, we talked to Bright Horizons working moms Kate, Aili, Rachel, and Michelle about how they survive the busy holiday season. They share their top strategies for creating a festive, satisfying holiday for their families…minus the guilt.

They talk about taming to-do lists, managing competing sets of grandparents who both want you at their house for the holidays, surviving the “You need two dozen cupcakes…by when?!” and just what to do when you can’t make it to the school holiday concert. 

As for my favorite stress-saving tip for this time of year? I really only put thinking into the big parts: get the turkey for Thanksgiving, get the tree for Christmas, and get one small gift for each child. It’s an easy checklist and it makes a lot of room for us to be able to enjoy the days – which to me, is the most joyful part of all. Oh, and to buy a case of wine. You know, to easily and mindlessly have on hand to take to any holiday event (wait, what did you think I meant?!). We hope you enjoy our Holiday Hacks podcast. See you in 2018!

Episode 11: Holiday Hacks for Working Parents

Click “play” above to listen. For email readers click here to listen to the podcast. 

I’m Naoko, graduate of the two-under-two club and producer of The Work-Life Equation podcast series. I’m constantly searching for the perfect balance point between work, life, parenting, friendships, and playing sports. I’m not a good sleeper, never was, and now will NEVER BE but I’m so in love with my incredibly fierce duo!


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