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Holiday Scavenger Hunts with the Elf on the Shelf

Holiday Scavenger Hunts with the Elf on the Shelf

During the month of December, my kids know that at 7:00 a.m. each morning they can go look for our Elf on the Shelf, Eddie the Elf – one of our very favorite family holiday traditions. Before I explain, here’s what else I love about Christmas (let me digress for a moment)…growing up, while most kids woke up Easter morning and were immediately greeted by baskets filled with treats, my siblings and I were on Easter basket hunts. My dad would stay up long after we were tucked in to devise clues that would send us scavenging through the house to find our baskets. As we got older, sometimes going on the hunts was more fun than getting the actual basket. Sure there were some frustrating moments during our hunt, like the time my dad hid a clue in the kalanchoo. While my siblings were all enjoying their baskets, I was still stuck on what a kalanchoo was (clearly this was before the internet was a household standard). To this day however, if I tell you something is a kalanchoo don’t ever doubt me. I know what a kalanchoo is.

So, not only does our Easter bunny devise holiday scavenger hunts for the kids, our Elf does too. We have this advent house with 25 numbered doors/windows that open and each morning “Eddie” leaves something for the kids – a piece of chocolate, Santa silly putty, stickers, spinning tops. But on the weekends Eddie leaves a note that sends the kids on a scavenger hunt. On these days the gift they receive is often a little too big to fit in the house (a holiday DVD, gingerbread house kit, a craft, etc.). Something that drives an activity for the weekend.

Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt

Elf on the ShelfHere’s how the clues went last weekend…

Clue 1 starts in the Advent House
Good Morning Madalyn & Will! Today is the day. Let’s get this hunt started the right way!
Splish Splash, Rub a dub dub, search the places where you tub.

Clue 2
Ahhh I should have known you would find that clue fast.
Let’s see if the next clue will be your last. 

Tick tock tick tock, is that a clock?
Perhaps you should find the clock in the room where you often rock. 

Clue 3
Ice cream, cookies and other things sweet,
Find your next clue where Fenway (the dog) gets her treat.

Clue 4
Epic, Horton, Polar Express, just to name a few.
You’ve watched them all here, in these seats made for you.

Clue 5
Great job Maddie & Will, glad all these clues didn’t make you cry.
Now run to the place where clean clothes tumble dry.

My husband and I listened in and giggled as we heard my daughter read the clue and then both kids debate about where to search next. It’s truly amazing to listen as their little brains work to solve the problem and to know that I’m passing on a tradition that I bet they too will pass on one day too.


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