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Holiday Spirit: Keep Kids Believing In All Things Wonderful

Holiday Spirit: Keep Kids Believing In All Things Wonderful

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Really it is and I’m going to be so incredibly sad when my 8 and 5 year old no longer believe in all things wonderful (like Santa and elves and bunnies and fairies). With Thanksgiving falling at the end of the month, this prompted our family to get our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Early for us! Truth be told, we were even more eager to see our favorite Bright Horizons teacher and her new son, a unique holiday treat, than we were to get the tree. Miss Betsy, who cared for both my children when they were infants, works at her family tree farm on weekends in the winter.

Kids picking out a Christmas tree

After getting lots of hugs, picking out our tree and meeting Santa, we headed home to start the several-day process of transforming our home for the holiday season. In about a month I’ll be eager to take it all down but for now, I’m enjoying the excitement and happiness it brings to our family. The kids carefully unwrapped ornaments and place them on the tree. They were giddy with excitement reflecting on the ornaments they made with “Miss Jackie” (their Bright Horizons Pre-K teacher) or even the more recent creations that now adorn the tree.

Letter to Elf on the ShelfThey also eagerly waited for “Eddie the Elf” (on the shelf) to appear. After his first appearance, my daughter made him a “necklace” and asked him to bring back a “girlfriend” as the two of them were going to be “ingaged”(“She” still hasn’t shown up!). It’s only been a few days but Maddie and Will have already created a schedule for who gets to open the door on the elf house, who gets to point out where Eddie was hiding first to one another and who gets to show my husband and I where Eddie hid each morning.

They are always insisting on trying to be fair which, when taken too far, can sometimes drive us all a bit crazy (“fair” doesn’t always mean equal, after all). But during the holidays, whatever they need to do to have fun, savor every moment and keep believing is okay with me.

How do you keep your kids believing in the spirit of the holiday?


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