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Holiday Traditions: Why I Love Elf on The Shelf

Holiday Traditions: Why I Love Elf on The Shelf

I LOVE Elf on the Shelf. I don’t know who invented this easy concept but it is fantastic. Sure, the first morning our elf, Eddie, arrives, I’m not too happy. The reason is our kids get up SUPER early, find the elf and then come bursting into our room to drag us out of bed to see where “Eddie” is. By day three, we’ve established some house rules but the enthusiasm still exists. There’s something about being woken with sheer and utter glee everyday that brings a smile to my face. Our Elf is pretty tame too. You may find him playing poker, getting into the Halloween candy or listening to the iPod but for the most part he’s just content to hang out on the ceiling fan or the Nutcrackers head.

Elf on The Shelf & Advent TraditionsWhen Eddie appears, it brings a whole world of Christmas excitement. In our house it’s not just finding the Elf in the morning but it’s opening a door on the chocolate advent calendar, putting together Lego Advent Calendar sets, hanging an ornament on the Advent tree AND checking the appropriate door on the Advent house. Seriously. We have a LOT of traditions each morning during the weeks leading up to Christmas. I love laying in bed listening to the kids each morning as they go through the traditions together as brother and sister. I love hearing my older daughter patiently help her brother open his chocolate calendar and I love when my son comes running in to tell me what Lego set he got and how his sister is helping him put it together. I love how for several weeks EVERY morning  feels like Christmas.

As the day winds down, I look forward to logging onto Facebook to see what mischievous things the not so good elves have done for the day. The creativity of friends astounds me. I especially enjoyed the elf who was seen purchasing Powerball tickets when the jackpot made it over $580 million dollars and a few days later was cashing those tickets in. That same elf was baking a cake last year (complete with cake mix, a bowl, a spoon and footprints all over the counter) and this year became a little naughtier reenacting scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey (seriously!).

That’s the thing about Elf on the Shelf. He brings laughter and smiles to people of all ages. So while we have lots of daily traditions leading up to Christmas, Elf on the Shelf is by far my favorite my love.

What are you favorite family holiday traditions?


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  1. Saira Rao December 11, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    We are giving away a GIRL ELF ON THE SHELF tomorrow! details here:

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