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Homemade Grandmother Gifts from Kids

Homemade Grandmother Gifts from Kids

Each year when my mother-in-law’s birthday rolls around, my husband and I struggle with gift ideas. Typically, we end up getting a gift card from us or something from the garden center. But one thing is for certain – the kids always make a gift for their grandmother. In the past, the kids have painted pottery, made necklaces, painted canvases, and more. This year we decided to combine her love of baking and reading to come up with these homemade grandmother gifts from the kids: handprint apron and paper craft bookmarks.

Grandmother Gift Idea: Handprint Apron

We got this craft idea from a previous Family Room Blog post. An apron is a perfect idea for Grammy because she’s famous for her baking skills and what better way to encourage more baking than with a handprint apron made with love from her grandkids. This was fun craft project because the whole family got involved in making it. The kids loved painting their hands to make the flower petals. Olivia then painted the grass, ants, and butterfly. My husband made the ladybugs and painted “Grammy” across the top. I took on the bumblebee and, when my husband dripped some purple paint, I turned that into a dragonfly.

homemade apron for grandma

Grandmother Gift Idea: Paper Craft Bookmarks

A few days before Grammy’s birthday, my daughter brought home her poetry journal from school. Taking inspiration from that, we decided to make bookmarks with some personalized poems to Grammy on the back. We already had all the materials – fancy paper, cricut cutters, glue and ribbon. The kids helped punch out stars and hearts and, then, had fun gluing them onto the bookmark paper. Then, Olivia wrote poems on two of them and Owen got to write his own “scribbled” messages. The ribbon was tied for a finishing touch.

homemade bookmarks for grandma

This year’s grandmother gifts were a success – she loved them! I’m already thinking about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or next year. What ideas do you have for homemade grandfather or grandmother gifts?


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