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Hosting a Children’s Lemonade Stand: A Warm Weather Tradition

Hosting a Children’s Lemonade Stand: A Warm Weather Tradition

Summer begins and with it comes the regular requests from the kids to hold a lemonade stand. We don’t exactly live in the best neighborhood for a lemonade stand (it’s actually not a neighborhood at all) nor do we live on the best street (it’s a historic street, low traffic with lots of trees and twists and places where only one car can get by). But that doesn’t deter the kids’ enthusiasm. Shortly after the first warm day it becomes critical that we’re well equipped for whenever the kids are inspired.

Hosting a Children’s Lemonade Stand

Starting with the very first lemonade stand, our kids didn’t go into it with the intention of earning money for themselves. In fact, it never even crossed their minds. That’s probably because they held their first lemonade stand at ages 6 and 4 and their piggy banks were mostly filled with dollars they received in their birthdays cards. The first day of sales, my kids decided the money they raised would go to a cause. They chose to raise money for our town library which will undergo a major renovation and expansion starting next year. We’ve been carefully stashing away their earnings to make the donation feel more impactful – they’re just over $42.00!

Our lemonade is cheap. For a mere $.25 you can purchase an ice cold cup of lemonade (I recently learned the kids up the street charge $.75 for a smaller cup!). But regardless of what they charge or what they earn, the concept of the lemonade stand has been a wonderful one for them. Our lemonade stand “kit” includes:

  • Powdered lemonade (so we can make it in a pinch)
  • Small cups (since we all quickly realized large solo cups cause you to use up your product too quickly)
  • Change (we have a bag with dollars and coins that can easily be grabbed)
  • Signs
  • A lemonade stand. A card table works fine, but Santa upgraded the kids’ lemonade stand this year since hosting a children’s lemonade stand is clearly not a one-time activity for them

Hosting a Children's Lemonade Stand

The way they attract customers has changed as well. Awhile ago they would politely stand with their signs hoping someone would stop, but now they wave and yell “get your cold, fresh lemonade here!” They stalk the neighbors a bit as well, but hopefully they don’t mind too much. The last time we held a lemonade stand, we posted a cute photo of the kids on Facebook. About 15 minutes later, we packed it in to head to the next activity for the day. Only then did we realize the power of Facebook marketing! We had three friends come by for lemonade only to find out the stand was closed. Next time, we’ll kick the morning off with a Facebook post that will hopefully help the kids will get even more customers.

I love how the lemonade stand encourages the kids to be excited about giving back to the community, but I also love that it gets them eager to get outside and be social…sometimes for hours on end. And I love how happy it makes them. In fact, earlier during the school year, my daughter was asked to write about what she did over that weekend. I loved seeing her journal entry about the lemonade stand – happy picture and all:

Children's Lemonade Stand

What are your tips for hosting a children’s lemonade stand?


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